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SKY Teens
Breath & Meditation

The SKY Teens programs helps students discover greater self-confidence, resilience and a set of tools that will carry them through all of life’s ups and downs. Through meditation, breathing techniques and interactive processes...


Students learn tools and skills to:

  • Access a stress-free mind at any time 

  • Boost focus & concentration for test-taking

  • Explore values ex. respect and responsibility

  • Enhance leadership skills through team activities


High school can be an intense time, learning to balance the pressures of school, new social situations, college entrance reqs, family dynamics and activities, all while trying to figure out who you are, what you’re passionate about and what is important to you. 


Students who practice the breathing and meditation techniques taught in SKY Teens have shared that they have more peace of mind and confidence handling difficult situations, it's easier to focus and excel at school and in activities, and they’re better at navigating relationships. They also said being more in touch with yourself helps you find your voice, get involved in your community, speak out on issues important to you and make your ideas a reality.

What SKY
Students &
Parents Say

"I feel confident and that I can take on anything the teacher throws at me. After the breathing, I feel calm and more energized and ready to take on anything we have to do, like any schoolwork."

- Tyler, magnet school student

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