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Science-backed techniques
for total wellbeing.

SKY vs Mindfulness

Yale University

A randomized controlled study run by Yale University scientists evaluated the effect of SKY and two other programs - Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Emotional Intelligence - on undergraduate well-being as compared to a control group. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction showed no improvement compared to the control group, Emotional Intelligence showed one improvement (mindfulness) and SKY had the highest results of all the programs, benefiting stress, depression, mental health, mindfulness, positive emotion and social connectedness.

Seppälä et al., 2020, Frontiers Psychiatry

SKY vs a Cognitively Focused Intervention

University of Arizona 

A randomized controlled study run by University of Arizona researchers, now at Harvard, evaluated the effect of SKY versus a cognitive focused intervention. SKY demonstrated improvements in perceived stress, sleep, social connectedness, distress, anxiety, depression, conscientiousness, self-esteem, and life satisfaction, while the control group did not. SKY also led to improved sleep and stress reactivity. Results were observed immediately after and 3 months after the workshop. 

Goldstein et al., 2020, forthcoming in Journal of American College Health

The SKY Effect

SKY Breathing gives our youth something tangible to focus on - the breath.
Kids and teens practicing SKY breathing
* reported back...

Group 3053_edited.png





I'm in a
better mood

I stay
more calm

My focus
is better

I can 
sleep better

*Survey results from 7,333 students practicing SKY Breathing at 18 schools.

  Independent Research with Youth Practicing SKY  


Centre for social and Early Emotional Development, School of Psychology


Coping skills, problem solving, managing emotions


Depressive Symptoms


Impulsive Behavior 
(2.45 to 2.35)


Emotional Empathy
(33.3 to 34.8)


Self-awareness, Self management, Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision-making


Equivalent Improvement
(Gender - Male/Female, Ethnicities- Hispanic, African-American, Caucasian)

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