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SKY Breath

In order to be calm, loving and empathic, it's important for parents to take time to care for themselves. Breathing techniques and meditation are a great way for parents to be more present with their children, compassionate towards themselves and renew their energy.


Our sister organization, the Art of Living Foundation, offers a SKY breathing based meditation workshop for adults - the Happiness Program, that quickly reduce stress and make meditation effortless. Parents who practice Sudarshan Kriya® say that they to have more patience, energy and enthusiasm when they’re with their kids because it helps them restore their mental and physical balance, and all of that has a positive effect on their children, and encourages their kids to meditate too!


Over 70 independent studies published in

peer-reviewed journals, have demonstrated a comprehensive range of benefits for adults practicing SKY. 


Research on adults practicing SKY show that participants

  • Had reduced depression and anxiety

  • Spent 3X more time in the deep, restful, restorative stages of sleep at night

  • Improved their immune cell counts in as little as three weeks

  • Had decreases in their stress hormones levels, including cortisol levels 

  • Had reduced symptoms of PTSD

  • Were more optimistic, had greater life satisfaction, and increases in prolactin and other well-being hormones.

Read more about the research studies!

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