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SKY Kids
Breath & Meditation

The SKY Kids program gives children the tools they need to thrive and meet life's challenges with a smile. Through breathing techniques, games, yoga, creative projects, problem-solving strategies, interactive processes and service projects...

Children learn tools and skills to:

  • Release stress and negative emotion  

  • Boost concentration and memory

  • Build self-confidence

  • Handle peer pressure and bullying

  • Strengthen human values and social skills

When children know how to manage their own stress and emotions, they’re able to excel in all areas of life and their natural talents can emerge.


Many parents and kids notice they’re more creative, their performance in school and sports improves and they are better at navigating relationships. As a result their leadership abilities blossom, and they’re able to be of service and help others in their communities.

What SKY
Students &
Parents Say

"I sleep better. Before I couldn’t go to sleep.  Now I do the breathing before I go to bed and it helps me sleep"

- Shoshana, middle school

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