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Know Your Teen

Know Your Teen is a special two hour workshop for parents and guardians, filled with effective strategies to understand the unique needs and challenges teenagers face. From asserting independence, to becoming very aware of their peers, and trying out different looks and identities, the program helps parents better understand their children and uncover the root causes behind behavior patterns. 


Know Your Teen explores teen thought processes that adults might be overlooking, and supports parents with the tools they need to skillfully nurture their teen’s creativity, dreams, and passions - so children grow into well-rounded young adults and go on to live happy, fulfilled and responsible lives. 


The workshop also introduces parents to mindful practices like meditation and breathing techniques. When parents' interactions with their children become more mindful, the environment at home becomes more supportive and harmonious for both parents and children.


Some of the topics covered:

  • Supporting the transition into their teen years

  • Strategies for staying involved

  • Providing structure and emotional support

  • Teen perspectives and tendencies

  • Helping teens develop and maintain healthy social and emotional regulation skills

  • Being a friend and guide, who can help make important decisions about relationships, college and career

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