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Know Your Child

Know Your Child is a two hour workshop that uses ancient wisdom to shed some light on our interactions with children, their behavior and the issues that affect them. It gives parents (and other adults who work with or love children) simple ways to understand and respond to children, so that parenting can stay firm, fair and fun. It also introduces parents to mindful practices such as meditation and breathing techniques. When parents' interactions with children become more mindful, the environment at home becomes more supportive and harmonious for both parents and children.


A child’s perspective is often very different from an adults, and at the same time, for their first few years, teachers and parents make up a major part of a child’s environment. Sometimes this fundamental difference in perspectives can make children feel like they’re not understood, and parents feel frustrated as their child “acts out.”


The Know Your Child workshop is designed to help parents better understand children and enrich the quality of family life. It looks at the root cause of  behavior patterns and equips parents with the knowledge to help children blossom into their full potential.


Some of the topics covered:

  • Communication and stubborn behaviors

  • 5 tips for PEACE at home and the 3F principle

  • Enhancing your child’s creativity

  • Exploring the role of food, art and music

  • Improving focus and concentration, and sparking interest in school 

  • Supporting children to be free and natural

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