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This revolutionary program teaches children simple and powerful techniques which enable them to access and cultivate their inherent intuitive capacity, enhancing their concentration, intelligence, decision making skills, communication, creativity and self-confidence, and often unlocking hidden talents and abilities.

Intuition is information that comes to you from within, as opposed to what you’re taught, observe through your senses or reason through your intellect. All of us have experienced intuitive moments in our daily lives, where we just know what the right thing to do is. For children it's easy to tap into and develop that intuitive dimension. 

The Intuition Process is a training for children to perceive beyond their five senses, access and enhance their intuition or 'sixth sense' through exercises, breathing techniques, meditation & intuitive activities.


Children who practice have noticed sharper perception, alertness, improved learning skills, decision-making skills and less fear of the unknown. Regular practice helps children to develop and utilize intuition in their everyday life, which affects and improves academic performance, self confidence, talents, communication, interpersonal relationships, creativity and much more. Intuition is vital to innovation and discovery. 


Kids who practice Intuition Process have noticed -

  • Enhanced intelligence + focus

  • Improved self-confidence + decision making

  • Improved memory + academic performance

  • Reduced fear of the unknown

  • Improved intuition + creativity

  • Improved sports performance

  • Better relationships with friends + family

Intuition Junior

(for ages 5-7)

Intuition Senior

(for ages 8-17)

What IP
Students &
Parents Say

"My son has been practicing the Intuition Process techniques for the last two years. I have observed some remarkably positive changes in him. He has become more confident; his focus, ability to grasp things and sharpness in thinking have improved. His reflexes have also become very swift, earning him a gold medal in the 2018 State Taekwondo Championship."

- Parents, 8 yr old