ages 8-12

The SKY Kids program gives children the tools they need to thrive and meet life's challenges with a smile. Through breathing techniques, games, yoga, creative projects, problem-solving strategies, interactive processes and service projects...

Children learn tools and skills to

  • Release stress and negative emotions  

  • Boost concentration and memory

  • Build self-confidence

  • Handle peer pressure and bullying

  • Strengthen human values and social skills


ages 13-17

The SKY Teens programs helps students discover greater self-confidence, resilience and a set of tools that will carry them through all of life’s ups and downs. Through meditation, breathing techniques, games, team activities and interactive processes...


Students learn tools and skills to

  • Access a stress-free mind at any time 

  • Boost focus + concentration for test-taking

  • Explore values like respect + responsibility

  • Enhance leadership skills through team activities


1. Every single day we breathe in more than 2,000 gallons of air! 

2. The total length of the airways running through your lungs is 1,500 miles. That's about the distance from Chicago to Las Vegas.

3. Our breath has the ability to cleanse our body, mind and emotions. 

4. Even though we get rid of lots of toxins through our breath, many people only use 30% of their lung capacity! 

5. Every emotion we feel has a specific breathing pattern. By learning how to use our breath, we can handle our emotions.

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